Are Smartwatches Worth Buying? [Complete Guide 2019]

Are smartwatches worth buying over a traditional watch? It is one of the hottest questions among peoples who are willing to buy watches.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not that easy. It all depends on your preferences, need, and so many other things.

A smartwatch is a gadget on your wrist that can perform so many tasks while traditional watches are actual craftsmanship pieces. Both kinds of watches have their place in this world.

However, here I am going to talk about smartwatches and the features they offer so that you can make your own decision. Both the watches have their pros and flaws, and in the end, you’ve to consider some points to decide which smartwatch is perfect for you.

If you don’t have time to read this article till the end and want a quick summary, then Yes, a smartwatch worth investing your money.

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Are Smartwatch Worth Buying

Are smartwatches really worth the money?

Smartwatches are packed with so many great features that too at an affordable cost. You can say that it can simplify your life as you’ve access to all your important calls, messages, notifications, event details, and many other things directly at your wrist.

The list of features is not going to end, and if I write all the features here, it will make it article much more lengthy. Though if you want to see the features that a smartwatch offers, then I must suggest you go to this article where I’ve discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches.

Those who work in a productive domain, smartwatches can be an excellent investment for them. It can save a lot of time, take you away from distractions, and at the same time, you won’t miss any important things.

If you’re concerned about your fitness, then it can help in that too. Smartwatches come with plenty of features that can help you in achieving your fitness goals. Also, it can help you in living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re a fitness freak, then there are a lot of things that a smartwatch has to offer you. However, you need to choose the smartwatch wisely. Here I wrote an article where I shared the things you need to consider before buying a smartwatch.

I recommend you to read that article as that article contains all the essential things to make sure you’ll choose the best one for you.

However, smartwatches have their flaws too. The very first is that these smartwatches are very expensive. Entry-level smartwatches start their pricing from $300 while in $150 to $200, you can get a quality mechanical watch.

Also, you need to care a lot as these smartwatches can break easily, and unfortunately, the repairing cost often near to the purchase price. Even their battery life sucks, and every second day you need to put them to charge.

Since it’s a product based on technology, it will get outdated soon with time. Within more than two or three years, you’ll see a lot of new watches hitting the market with new technologies.

On the other hand, a traditional watch never goes out of trend. Even the older one looks more precious. It comes with an elegant look and is perfect for office goers or those who prefer classy things.

I am not saying that smartwatches are not suitable for office goers, but a mechanical watch or a traditional one gives you a much-sophisticated look and are ideal for peoples working on that domain.

Even I am fond of smartwatches, and I have four different watches, but still, for parties or business meetings, I prefer to go with a mechanical watch.

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To Conclude

All I can say that yeah, these smartwatches are worthy, but you need to understand do you really need it or not. A combination of having both the watches in your wardrobe ain’t a bad idea as you can use them according to the needs.

A smartwatch is packed with so many excellent features, and if you’re going to use those features, then smartwatches are certainly worth the money you’re investing in that.

But if you want it for casual use, then a traditional mechanical watch would be much more worthy than a smartwatch. In the end, it’s your choice. Make your decision wisely.

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